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Band of Susans was an American noise rock band formed in New York City in 1986. It originally consisted of Robert Poss (guitar/vocals), Susan Stenger (bass/vocals), Ron Spitzer (drums), with Susan Lyall (guitar), Susan Tallman (guitar), and Alva Rogers (vocals). The band would undergo several permutations over the years, usually involving guitarists. Poss, Stenger, and Spitzer were the band's core members throughout its duration.



Veil is the fourth studio album by American noise rock band Band of Susans.
The Word and the Flesh
The Word and the Flesh is the third studio album and fourth album overall by American noise rock band Band of Susans.
Here Comes Success
Here Comes Success is the fifth and final studio album by Band of Susans, released on February 28, 1995 by Blast First and Restless Records.
The Peel Sessions
The Peel Sessions is an EP by Band of Susans, recorded in 1988 and 1989 from sessions with John Peel but not released until 1992.

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