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Barb Jungr (born 9 May 1954) is an English singer, songwriter, composer and writer, of Czech and German parentage whose work challenges categorisation and spans popular music, theatre, cabaret and jazz. She is known as a performer of “contemporary cabaret” and a chansonnière, or singer of chansons—in the sense of classic, lyric-driven French songs; in the broader sense of European songs in the cabaret style; and in the even broader sense of a diverse range of songs interpreted in this style. She is also an acclaimed jazz and cabaret singer, and has become best known for her work with, or "interpretations" of, the songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen,[1] Jacques Brel, The Beatles[2] and, most recently, Sting.[3] A song-stylist incorporating jazz and blues, her approach often includes radical re-readings of known writers as well. as original material. Since 2004 her work has focused increasingly on writing (lyrics, composition and adaptations) for children’s and musical theatre.[4]



Chanson: The Space in Between
Every Grain of Sand: Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan
Every Grain of Sand is a tribute album to Bob Dylan recorded by Barb Jungr.
Waterloo Sunset
Waterloo Sunset is an album by Barb Jungr released in 2003 (See 2003 in music).
Bare is an 1999 album by Barb Jungr.

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