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Cuff the Duke



Cuff the Duke is a Canadian band from Oshawa, Ontario. They play a blend of traditional country and folk music with indie rock influences, and can be categorized as an alt-country group.



Cuff the Duke
The eponymous album Cuff the Duke is the band's second full-length release.
Way Down Here
Way Down Here is the fourth album by Canadian alternative country group Cuff the Duke, released September 8, 2009 on Noble Recordings in Canada and Ernest Jenning Record Co. in the US.
Sidelines of the City
Sidelines of the City is the third album by Canadian indie rock band Cuff the Duke, released on October 23, 2007.
Life Stories for Minimum Wage
The debut album from Cuff the Duke, titled Life Stories for Minimum Wage, was released in 2002 and recorded at Umbrella Sound and at The House of Miracles in Toronto.

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