ESG (Emerald Sapphire & Gold) is an American band formed in the South Bronx in 1978. Trouser Press called it "one of the most dynamic bands that New York could offer at the top of the '80s."[1] ESG has been influential across a wide range of musical genres, including hip hop, post-punk, disco, and dance-punk. The band's track "UFO" is one of the most sampled songs in history.[2][3]



Come Away with ESG
Come Away with ESG is the 1983 debut album by American post-punk band ESG. Released by 99 Records, the album incorporates songs from ESG's first EPs, ESG and ESG Says Dance to the Beat of Moody.
ESG is the debut EP by American post-punk band ESG. It was released by 99 Records in 1981.
Step Off
Step Off is a 2002 album by rock band ESG.
A South Bronx Story
A South Bronx Story is a 2000 compilation album by rock band ESG.

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