Girlschool are a British rock band that formed in the new wave of British heavy metal scene in 1978 and frequently associated with contemporaries Motörhead. They are the longest running all-female rock band, still active after more than 35 years.[1][2] Formed from a school band called Painted Lady, Girlschool enjoyed strong media exposure and commercial success in the UK in the early 1980s with three albums of 'punk-tinged metal'[3] and a few singles, but lost their momentum in the following years.[4]

In the 1990s and 2000s, they focused on shows and tours and did few studio albums. During their career, Girlschool travelled the world, playing in many rock and metal festivals and co-headlining with or supporting important hard rock and heavy metal bands. They maintain a worldwide cult following and are an inspiration for many female rock musicians.[5] Despite frequent changes of line-up, original members Kim McAuliffe, Enid Williams and Denise Dufort are still in the band. The only original member no longer in the band, lead guitarist and singer Kelly Johnson, died of cancer in 2007.[6]



Hit and Run
Hit and Run is the second studio album by the British heavy metal band, Girlschool, released in 1981 on Bronze Records.
Play Dirty
Play Dirty is the fourth studio album by British heavy metal band, Girlschool, released on Bronze Records in 1983 and produced by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea from the hard rock band Slade.
Take a Bite
Take a Bite is the seventh studio album by British heavy metal band, Girlschool, released by GWR Records in 1988.
Screaming Blue Murder
Screaming Blue Murder is the third studio album by British heavy metal band, Girlschool.

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