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Bat-Sheva Ofra Haza-Ashkenazi (Hebrew: עפרה חזה‎; November 19, 1957 – February 23, 2000) was an Israeli singer, actress and Grammy Award-nominee recording artist, commonly known as "The Israeli Madonna",[1] or "Madonna of the East".[2] Her voice has been described as a "tender" mezzo-soprano.[3]

Inspired by a love of her Yemenite Jewish and Hebrew culture, her music quickly spread to a wider Middle Eastern audience, somehow bridging the divide between Israel and the Arab countries.[citation needed] As her career progressed, Haza was able to switch between traditional and more commercial singing styles without jeopardizing her credibility. Her music fused elements of Eastern and Western instrumentation, orchestration and dance-beat. She became successful in Europe and the Americas; during her singing career, she earned many platinum and gold discs.



Im Nin'alu
"Im Nin'alu" is a Hebrew poem by 17th-century Rabbi Shalom Shabazi .
"Galbi" is an Arabic] Musical poem by Aharon Amram Yemenite that was sung by Israeli Yemenite singer Ofra Haza and others.
Yemenite Songs
Yemenite Songs is a 1984 album by Ofra Haza, in which the Israeli pop star returned to her roots interpreting traditional Yemeni Jewish songs with lyrics coming from the poetry of 16th century Rabbi Shalom Shabazi.
Shaday is an album by Israeli singer Ofra Haza, released in 1988.

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Ofra Haza
  –  August 13, 2017
She died on February 23, 2000. Ofra Haza is one of the major links in the chain of Yemenite women singers who have played such a prominent role on the Israeli music scene over the years. Their ranks have included Brachah Zefira, Esther Gamlielit ...
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The writer and music critic Pete Paphides tells the story of Ofra Haza, dubbed 'The Israeli Madonna' who rose from her poor roots in the Yemenite community to global recognition. Pete Paphides first heard the voice of Ofra Haza on the Eurovision Song ...
Ofra Haza
  –  August 13, 2017
Reprinted from Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia with permission of the author and the Jewish Women’s Archive. Ofra Haza was born on November 19, 1957 in the Hatikvah quarter of Tel Aviv to parents who had immigrated from Yemen with ...
Ofra Haza 1997
  –  August 11, 2017
Ofra Haza (Hebrew: עפרה חזה‎, Arabic: عفراء هزاع‎; born Bat-Sheva Ofra Haza; 19 November 1957 – 23 February 2000) was an Israeli singer of Yemenite Jewish origin, an actress and international recording artist. more »
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Ofra Haza winning space for complex, marginalized identities and PJ Harvey’s “Man-Size.”
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Clockwise from upper left: Lauryn Hill, Joni Mitchell (Blue album cover), PJ Harvey (Rid of Me album cover), Nina Simone, Ofra Haza (Fifty Gates of Wisdom album cover), Aretha Franklin. Courtesy of the artists Turning the Tables was intended as "a ...
New Mix: Turning The Tables Takes Over All Songs Considered
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Also on the show: Some mother-daughter memories, Missy Elliott's new vocabulary on "Izzy Izzy Ahh," The B-52s' spunky confidence (which helped inspire the askew ponytail of a teenaged Ann Powers), empowering rhymes from a young Queen Latifah, Ofra Haza ...
Why Eurovision Won't Be Able to Enforce Tighter Rules Against 'Political Posturing'
  –  August 4, 2017
Israel offers a colorful precedent, across time and topic. In 1983, Ofra Haza -- frequently dubbed "The Israeli Madonna" -- sang about the Jewish people's perseverance despite repeated attempts to destroy them. Her song carried extra weight since ...

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