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Seventh Avenue was a Christian metal band from Wolfsburg, Germany, formed in 1989. Consisting of guitarist/vocalist Herbie Langhans, guitarist Florian Gottsleben, bassist Markus Beck, and drummer Mike Pflüger, Seventh Avenue plays a hybrid style of speed and power metal with the focus on melodies. The band launched a demo entitled First Strike in 1993 but the loss of their guitarist delayed their first album, Rainbowland, until 1995. They then signed with Treasure Hunt Records. Their first release on this label, Tales of Tales, topped at 18 on the Japanese heavy metal charts. The 1998 release, Southgate, was licensed to Megahard Records for release in Brazil, where the band subsequently toured. They have released 7 albums and an EP.

They released two albums, Between The Worlds and Eternals, on Massacre Records, and released their seventh album titled Terium on that label in 2008.



Terium is the titled of sixth album by the Christian Power metal band Seventh Avenue It was released in 2008.
Between the Worlds
Between the Worlds is the title of fourth album by the Christian power metal band Seventh Avenue that was released in 2003.
Eternals is the fifth studio album by the Christian power metal band Seventh Avenue.
Tales of Tales
Tales of Tales is the second studio album by the Christian power metal band Seventh Avenue.

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