Sigrid Solbakk Raabe (born 5 September 1996), known professionally as Sigrid, is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. In 2017, she achieved international success with her single "Don't Kill My Vibe",[1] and in January 2018, she won the BBC Music Sound of 2018 award.



Raw is a song by musical artist Sigrid, released on April 13, 2018.
Raw is an album by musical artist Sigrid, released on April 13, 2018.
"Strangers" is a song performed by Norwegian singer and songwriter Sigrid.
Plot Twist
"Plot Twist" is a song performed by Norwegian singer and songwriter Sigrid.

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Coachella 2018: Sigrid on Music and Scandinavian Fashion
  –  April 24, 2018
The Norwegian singer is speaking ... her want to make pop music. So far, reception towards her has been promising: She’s garnered tens of millions of views on her YouTube alone, even without a full album out. Style-wise, Sigrid insists that she likes ...
Rising star Sigrid claims being on tour is the closest thing to experiencing magic
  –  April 20, 2018
The singer wears a T-shirt labelled Fake Friends as ... I had to choose between having my relationship with my family and friends or music then my relationships come first. Sigrid says the concept of celebrity culture does not exist in Norway and she ...
Check out ‘High Five’, the new single from Sigrid
  –  April 13, 2018
The track sees Sigrid opting for a subdued trip-hop sound, before it slowly builds into one of the huge choruses that the singer is quickly becoming renowned ... to have won something as prestigious as BBC Music Sound Of. I feel honoured as there are ...
Sigrid's Strangers shines in UK charts
  –  February 13, 2018
Sigrid has become the exception. Just weeks after being named winner of the Sound of 2018 poll, the Norwegian singer, songwriter and musician ... debut album and I know they have to be top quality. Music has been a big part of Sigrid's life since childhood.
The 7 Best Music Videos of January 2018: Troye Sivan, Sigrid, and “In Living Color”
  –  February 7, 2018
That thing where we watch all of the music videos that ... a perfect complement. Sigrid dances around a beautifully dressed soundstage where what’s behind the scenes and in the foreground are one in the same; a shot of the singer’s hair swirling ...
Sigrid, Fashion Darling and Lorde-Approved, Is the Scandi-Pop Star to Watch at Coachella
  –  April 12, 2018
(Scandinavia's domination of pop music is showing no signs of subsiding just yet.) The third of three children, she began writing when she was 16, at the behest of her brother, Tellef Raabe, who is also a professional musician. (Sigrid appears on his 2017 ...

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