The Virtual Reality Market

The Virtual Reality Market



Virtual reality (VR) typically refers to computer technologies that use virtual reality headsets to generate the realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment or create an imaginary setting. VR also simulates a user's physical presence in this environment. VR has been defined as "a realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional 360 degree environment, created using interactive software and hardware, and experienced or controlled by movement of the body"[1][2] or as an "immersive, interactive experience generated by a computer".[3]

A person using virtual reality equipment is able to "look around" the artificial world, and with high quality VR move about in it, and interact with features or items depicted in the headset. Virtual reality is displayed with a virtual reality headset . VR headsets are head-mounted goggles with a screen in front of the eyes. Programs may include audio and sounds through speakers or headphones.

Advanced haptic systems may include tactile information, generally known as force feedback in medical, video gaming and military training applications. Some VR systems used in video games can transmit vibrations and other sensations to the user through the game controller. Virtual reality also refers to remote communication environments which provide a virtual presence of users with through telepresence and telexistence or the use of a virtual artifact (VA). The immersive environment can be similar to the real world in order to create a life-like experience grounded in reality or sci-fi.

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Oculus Rift
The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset developed and manufactured by Oculus VR, a division of Facebook Inc., released on March 28, 2016.
Samsung Gear VR
The Samsung Gear VR is a mobile virtual reality headset developed by Samsung Electronics, in collaboration with Oculus, and manufactured by Samsung.
Magic Leap
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The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset developed and manufactured by Oculus VR, a division of Facebook Inc., released on March 28, 2016.

Oculus initiated a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 to fund the Rift's development, after being founded as an independent company two months prior. The project proved successful, raising US$2.5 million.[2] In March 2014, Facebook purchased Oculus for $2 billion.[3][4]

The Rift has gone through various pre-production models since the Kickstarter campaign, around five of which were demonstrated to the public. Two of these models were shipped to backers, labelled as 'development kits'; the DK1 in mid 2013 and DK2 in mid 2014, to give developers a chance to develop content on time for the Rift's release. However, both were also purchased by a large number of enthusiasts who wished to get an early preview of the technology.[5]

The Rift has a stereoscopic OLED display, 1080×1200 resolution per eye, a 90 Hz refresh rate, and 110° field of view.[6][7][8] It has integrated headphones which provide a 3D audio effect, rotational and positional tracking. The positional tracking system, called "Constellation", is performed by a USB stationary infrared sensor that is picking up light that is emitted by IR LEDs that are integrated into the head-mounted display. The sensor normally sits on the user's desk. This creates 3D space, allowing for the user to use the Rift while sitting, standing, or walking around the same room.[9]

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The Samsung Gear VR is a mobile virtual reality headset developed by Samsung Electronics, in collaboration with Oculus, and manufactured by Samsung. The headset was released on November 27, 2015.

When in use, a compatible Samsung Galaxy device (Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+, or Galaxy S7/S7 Edge) acts as the headset's display and processor, while the Gear VR unit itself acts as the controller, which contains the high field of view, as well as a custom inertial measurement unit, or IMU, for rotational tracking, which connects to the smartphone via micro-USB. The Gear VR headset also includes a touchpad and back button on the side, as well as a proximity sensor to detect when the headset is on.[1]

The Gear VR was first announced in September 2014. To allow developers to create content for the Gear VR and to allow VR and technology enthusiasts to get early access to the technology, Samsung had released two innovator editions of the Gear VR before the consumer version.

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Microsoft HoloLens, known under development as Project Baraboo, is a pair of mixed reality smartglasses developed and manufactured by Microsoft. HoloLens gained popularity for being one of the first computers running the Windows Mixed Reality platform under the Windows 10 operating system. The HoloLens can trace its lineage to Kinect, an add-on for Microsoft's Xbox gaming console that was introduced in 2010.[2]

The pre-production version of HoloLens, the Development Edition, shipped on the 30th of March 2016, and is targeted to developers in the United States and Canada for a list price of $3000.[3][4] Samsung and Asus have extended an offer to Microsoft to help produce their own mixed-reality products, in collaboration with Microsoft, based around the concept and hardware on HoloLens.[5][6] On October 12, 2016, Microsoft announced global expansion of HoloLens and publicized that HoloLens would be available for preorder in Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.[7]

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Knott's Berry Farm virtual reality 'Showdown' lets you defend Ghost Town from robotic villains
  –  March 29, 2017
It’s a chance to defend a western town, Ghost Town that is, at Knott’s Berry Farm in its newest attraction “VR Showdown in Ghost Town.” The new experience, opening in April, places four “players” in a virtual-reality version of the farm’s ...
Virtual reality for Spielberg flick Ready Player One
  –  March 29, 2017
HTC is banking on Steven Spielberg's latest sci-fi film to lure the broader public towards virtual reality experiences. The tech company entered a partnership with Warner Bros to distribute virtual reality experiences for the studio's upcoming Ready Player ...
Concur Creates Virtual Reality Prototype For Corporate Travel
  –  March 29, 2017
Concur’s innovation arm, Concur Labs, is taking a look at virtual reality for corporate travel. Reports Monday (March 27) said Concur Labs has created a prototype using virtual reality (VR) technology that may help corporate travel managers when a ...
Golf, virtual reality and beer converge in Shops at High Street
  –  March 29, 2017
A virtual reality revolution will be coming to Williamsburg on Memorial Day weekend. Revolution Golf and Grille will be offering food, drink and simulated golf to residents and tourists in the Shops at High Street. Director of Marketing and Sales Jacquelyn ...
‘Justice League’ and ‘Aquaman’ Are Getting IMAX Virtual Reality Experiences
  –  March 29, 2017
With VR an up-and-coming storytelling medium, all the big studios want in on the action. Gone are the days of 4-D pirate adventures with seats that spit water into your face. The people don’t want to be in the movie anymore, they want to be the movie.
BMW Combines Virtual Reality with 3D Printing to Streamline Its Design Process
  –  March 29, 2017
Two of the world’s most exciting emerging technologies are virtual reality and 3D printing. As BMW is all about using emerging technologies to stay ahead in the automotive industry, it only makes sense that the brand would eventually turn to these two ...
Scarlett Johansson & Friends Play Virtual Reality Pictionary on the ‘Tonight Show’
  –  March 29, 2017
The Daily Roundup is our comprehensive coverage of the VR industry wrapped up into one daily email, delivered directly to your inbox. Late last year, NBC’s popular late night talk show the Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon debuted a new Virtual ...
‘Justice League’ and ‘Aquaman’ Get Virtual Reality Deal With IMAX
  –  March 28, 2017
The Justice League may be expanding beyond the silver screen. IMAX and Warner Bros. announced on Tuesday a new virtual reality production agreement to “develop and release three premium, interactive VR experiences” based on Justice League, Aquaman and ...
This virtual reality simulator shows how fast a fire can destroy a room
  –  March 28, 2017
It's a scenario we all dread: a house fire sweeping through your home, wreaking havoc on your belongings and putting your family at risk. And a new virtual reality simulator has revealed just how quickly a fire can devastate your home. The terrifying 360 ...
Virtual Reality Headset Helps You Design Your Home Theater
  –  March 28, 2017
Virtual reality headsets aren’t all fun and games. A new service from Andrew Lucas London and its sister company Andrew Lucas Studios is enabling consumers to “walk through” their new home theater or smart home by donning an Oculus Rift virtual ...
Scarlett Johansson and Michael Che Play Virtual Reality Pictionary on 'The Tonight Show'
  –  March 28, 2017
"Tomato pigtails" and "the Ten Commandments" were some of the most creative guesses in the game, also played by host Jimmy Fallon and guest Dove Cameron. Scarlett Johansson and Michael Che faced off against Jimmy Fallon and Dove Cameron on Monday night's ...
Scarlett Johansson and Michael Che Play Virtual Reality Pictionary on 'The Tonight Show' | THR News
  –  March 28, 2017
Scarlett Johansson and Michael Che faced off against Jimmy Fallon and Dove Cameron on Monday night's Tonight Show for a game of virtual reality Pictionary.
Virtual Reality Movie Experiences Begin with ‘Justice League’ and ‘Aquaman’
  –  March 28, 2017
At the risk of sounding cliche, I’m not sure anyone would object to a more realistic Jason Momoa. IMAX and Warner Bros. plan to release one new virtual reality experience per year for the next three years. Both companies are relying on the popularity of ...
Virtual Reality Pictionary with HTC Vive on the Tonight Show
  –  March 28, 2017
Folks, it is official. Virtual Reality has made to the late night talk show circuit. On Monday night's episode of the Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Scarlett Johansson and Michael Che faced off against Jimmy Fallon and Dove Cameron with a game of ...
Jimmy Fallon Releases A New Edition Of Virtual Reality Pictionary Ft. Scarlett Johansson, Micahel Che, And Dove Cameron
  –  March 28, 2017
Jimmy Fallon has launched a new segment this year for the Tonight Show called Virtual Reality Pictionary where guests must draw pictures using Google Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive. Teammates then, must guess what pictures they drew in the virtual space.
Advice on becoming a virtual reality designer from Facebook’s VR team
  –  March 28, 2017
For designers looking for a challenge, the bold new world of virtual reality beckons. It’s an emerging field where the rules haven’t been written yet and experts are few and far between. The Figma design team is intrigued by this Wild West, so we swung ...
Best 4 VR Virtual Reality Apps for your Smartphones
  –  March 28, 2017
Now you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for getting an experience of virtual reality on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headsets. The Android or iPhone based headsets are all the time with you which can now serve as a VR device in their very own way ...
Virtual reality app aims to help drivers with safety features
  –  March 28, 2017
The National Safety Council teamed up with the University of Iowa to develop a virtual reality app that gives drivers a 360-degree tour of some of the latest driver assistance systems, so they have an understanding how the technologies work before going ...
Virtual Reality in Corporate Training
  –  March 28, 2017
Earlier this year while visiting the Learning Technologies show in London, one thing that stood out for me was the advent of virtual reality (VR) on the corporate training scene. At least five different vendors on the exhibition floor had VR headsets to ...
Watch Dove Cameron Play Virtual Reality Pictionary With Jimmy Fallon!
  –  March 28, 2017
Did you catch Dove Cameron‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon?! The 21-year-old Descendants 2 actress stopped by to play a fun game of “virtual reality pictionary” with host Jimmy Fallon.
Murder in virtual reality should be illegal
  –  March 28, 2017
You start by picking up the knife, or reaching for the neck of a broken-off bottle. Then comes the lunge and wrestle, the physical strain as your victim fights back, the desire to overpower him. You feel the density of his body against yours, the warmth of ...
Jimmy Fallon Plays Virtual Reality Pictionary With Dove Cameron, Michael Che and Scarlett Johansson
  –  March 28, 2017
After Fallon selected his card, he had to remind Cameron how to play. "Oh, I'm guessing? We're clearly really prepped and ready," the Disney Channel star joked. "We know what we're doing!" Fallon's challenge was to draw a "clown car." Johansson was next up ...
Scarlett Johansson plays Virtual Reality Pictionary on 'Tonight Show'
  –  March 28, 2017
March 28 (UPI) --Scarlett Johansson took part in a game of Virtual Reality Pictionary recently on The Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon, Dove Cameron and Michael Che. "The game works exactly like Pictionary except the person who is drawing will be ...
Upload Wants to Turn Its New Office Into a Los Angeles Virtual Reality Hub
  –  March 28, 2017
What do you do when you’re trying to turn a 20,000-square-foot warehouse into a coworking and incubator space for virtual and augmented reality startups? You put on your headset, of course. That’s exactly what Upload CEO Taylor Freeman and Upload’s ...
Warner Bros., IMAX to create virtual reality experiences for ‘Justice League,’ ‘Aquaman’
  –  March 28, 2017
Ben Affleck (left) as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Ezra Miller as the Flash and Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Warner Bros.' superhero team up film "Justice League," which debuts in theaters on Nov. 17. Virtual reality: Coming to a ...
Guitar Godz VR launches Kickstarter campaign to be Rock Band’s virtual reality rival
  –  March 28, 2017
Flow State Media has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a music virtual reality game Guitar Godz VR. The San Francisco company says that the game is the next evolution of rock music games, as it allows players to step on stage in fully ...
Facebook Hires Former Apple Exec for Big Oculus Virtual Reality Job
  –  March 27, 2017
Facebook’s Oculus virtual reality business has a new executive to oversee hardware. Oculus said Monday that it hired Michael Hillman, a 15-year Apple veteran who helped manage several of the technology giant’s big hardware projects like its iMac ...
NASA trains astronauts with zero-G virtual reality
  –  March 27, 2017
Using consumer headsets, astronauts can simulate maintenance, exercise and more. To train ISS astronauts, NASA uses physical mockups, zero-G "vomit comet" airplane rides, neutral buoyancy (underwater) and other pricey and complex schemes. However, virtual ...
Bob Iger says no to virtual reality headsets at Disney parks, aims for augmented reality instead
  –  March 26, 2017
Walt Disney Co.’s chief executive has no interest in having theme park visitors strap on virtual reality headsets that block out their view and place them inside a digital world. Smaller rivals, including Knott’s Berry Farm, SeaWorld and Six Flags ...